Skidoo/Lynx gen 5 Force turbo Wrath Muffler.

Skidoo Gen5 Wrath Mufflers by Force Turbos

$399.99 exc. Tax

Upgrade your Skidoo or Lynx Gen5 with Skidoo Gen5 Wrath Mufflers by Force Turbos. Lightweight, durable, and delivers a crisp loud tone. Perfect for 2023-current models.


Enhance Your Ride with Skidoo Gen5 Wrath Mufflers

Upgrade your Skidoo or Lynx Gen5 snowmobile with Skidoo Gen5 Wrath Mufflers by Force Turbos, the perfect fitment for 2023-current models. These mufflers are designed for riders who seek both lightweight performance and an aggressive sound.

Superior Performance and Construction

The Skidoo Gen5 Wrath Muffler weigh just 4.5 lbs, significantly reducing your sled’s weight for improved handling and agility. Crafted by Force Turbos, these mufflers exhibit excellent workmanship, ensuring durability and reliability. The lightweight design does not compromise on performance, making them a must-have for serious riders.

Crisp and Loud Tone

The Skidoo Gen5 Wrath Muffler deliver a loud, crisp tone that enhances your riding experience. The sound is not only pleasing to the ears but also signals the power and performance of your snowmobile. Whether you are cruising trails or conquering backcountry terrain, these mufflers will make your presence known.

Perfect Fitment for 2023-Current Models

Specifically designed for 2023-current Skidoo and Lynx Gen5 models, the Skidoo Gen5 Wrath Muffler ensure a perfect fit and seamless integration with your snowmobile. This ensures that installation is straightforward and hassle-free.

Lightweight and Durable

Constructed with the highest quality materials, the Skidoo Gen5 Wrath Mufflers are both lightweight and durable. The 4.5 lbs weight contributes to better manoeuvrability and performance, while the robust construction ensures longevity even in harsh riding conditions.

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