PATRIOT-TRAIL Patriot Exhaust Silencers

Patriot Exhaust Silencers for 850 and 9R

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Enhance Your Snowmobile with Patriot Exhaust Silencers

Upgrade your Polaris snowmobile with our Patriot Exhaust Silencers. These silencers are specifically designed for the ’19-’24 Patriot 850 (Indy, PRO RMK, RMK, RMK Khaos, SKS, Switchback) and the ’23-’24 Patriot 9R (PRO RMK, RMK Khaos) models. Our Patriot Exhaust Silencers offer substantial weight reduction, enhanced sound, and improved performance for a superior riding experience.

Lightweight and High Performance

Our Patriot Exhaust Silencers are engineered to deliver top-notch performance while significantly reducing weight. These silencers fit perfectly on all Patriot 850 and 9R models. By choosing our silencers, you ensure that your snowmobile maintains its agility and speed, enhancing your overall riding experience.

Three Distinct Sound Options

We offer three unique Patriot Exhaust Silencers to cater to different riding preferences and environments.

Rowdy Canister: Our ROWDY canister provides the ultimate weight reduction combined with an open mod style sound. It is the perfect choice for extreme backcountry riding and closed circuit racing. This silencer offers a 11.5 lbs. weight savings and adds an aggressive sound that makes a bold statement on the trails. High heat black paint: $299.

Race Canister: The RACE canister delivers an incredible sound while saving weight. It is ideal for riders who want a balance of performance and noise. This silencer offers a 10.5 lbs. weight savings and ensures your snowmobile sounds as good as it performs. High heat black paint: $299, Cermakrome: $369.

Trail Canister: Our TRAIL canister provides substantial weight savings while maintaining a stealthy yet aggressive sound. It is perfect for riders who prefer a quieter ride without compromising performance. This silencer offers a 9.5 lbs. weight savings and provides a 2 HP increase. High heat black paint: $329.

Durable and Reliable Construction

Constructed from high-quality stainless steel, our Patriot Exhaust Silencer trio are built to last. These silencers are designed to withstand the rigors of intense riding, ensuring durability and longevity. They also feature high heat black paint or Cermakrome finishes for added protection and a sleek appearance.

Easy Installation and Perfect Fit

Our Patriot Exhaust Silencers are designed for easy installation and a perfect fit on your snowmobile. You can enjoy the benefits of reduced weight, improved sound, and enhanced performance without any hassle. Upgrade your snowmobile today and experience the difference our silencers make.

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