Polaris Matryx Front Bumpers Full

Polaris Matryx Front Bumpers

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Upgrade your 2022-2023 Polaris Matryx with the T-Rex Matryx front bumper, featuring durable aluminum construction, a sleek black powder coat finish, and a robust 3/16″ skidplate.


Elevate Your Ride with Polaris Matryx Front Bumpers

Introducing Polaris Matryx front bumpers, specifically designed for 2022-2023 Polaris Matryx models. This bumper offers the perfect combination of strength, durability, and style, making it a must-have upgrade for serious snowmobile enthusiasts. With its custom extruded tubing, the T-Rex Matryx front bumper ensures a clearanced fit through front plastics. It also provides ample clearance next to the pipe.

Key Features of the Polaris Matryx Front Bumper

Aluminum Construction Built from high-quality aluminum, the Polaris Matryx Front Bumpers are designed to withstand the toughest conditions. This durable construction ensures that your bumper can handle impacts and rough terrains. It effectively protects your snowmobile’s front end.

Powdercoated Black Finish The sleek black powder coat finish enhances the aesthetic appeal of your snowmobile. It also provides excellent resistance against corrosion, chips, and scratches. This ensures your bumper maintains its premium look even after extensive use in harsh weather conditions.

3/16″ Skidplate Featuring a robust 3/16″ skidplate, the Polaris Matryx Front Bumpers offer superior protection for the underside of your snowmobile. This skidplate shields your machine from rocks, debris, and other trail hazards. It allows you to ride confidently over challenging terrains.

Modular 3-Piece Design The innovative modular 3-piece design of the Polaris Matryx Front Bumper includes a bumper support bar. This enhances both strength and functionality. This design allows for easy installation and replacement of individual components. Repairs and maintenance are straightforward and hassle-free.

Compatibility and Specifications

Fits 2022-2023 Polaris Matryx Models The Polaris Matryx Front Bumper is engineered to replace the factory MPN: 2884817-784. It ensures a perfect fit for 2022-2023 Polaris Matryx snowmobiles. This compatibility guarantees seamless integration with your existing setup. It provides enhanced performance and protection.

Why Choose Polaris Matryx Front Bumpers?

Choosing the Polaris Matryx Front Bumper means investing in a product that combines rugged durability with stylish design. Crafted by experts in high-quality snowmobile accessories, the T-Rex Matryx front bumper ensures your snowmobile is ready to tackle any terrain with confidence. Upgrade your Polaris Matryx today and experience the enhanced protection and aesthetic appeal that only the T-Rex Matryx front bumper can provide. Order now and hit the trails with unmatched style and performance.

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