Polaris Patriot Boost stage 4 clutch kit.

Polaris Stage4 Clutch Kits for Patriot Boost

$550.00 exc. Tax

Enhance your Polaris Patriot Boost with Polaris Stage4 Clutch Kits. Includes Boondocker Talon weights, primary and secondary springs, and custom-cut helix.


Maximize Performance with Polaris Stage4 Clutch Kits

Upgrade your Polaris Patriot Boost with our Polaris Stage4 Clutch Kits, the ultimate performance upgrade for 2022-current models. This kit is designed for backcountry riders who demand the highest level of performance from their machines.

Unmatched Throttle Response and Speed

Our Polaris Stage4 Clutch Kit deliver unparalleled performance, featuring Boondocker Talon weights with 8, 10, and 12 capsules, primary and secondary springs, and our custom-cut mountain helix. This kit ensures super responsive bottom-end power, strong mid-range pull, and faster track speeds on the top end.

Comprehensive High-Performance Kit

The Polaris Stage4 Clutch Kit include:

  • Boondocker Talon Weights: Adjustable weights for precise tuning.
  • Capsules (8, 10, 12): Allows customization to match riding conditions.
  • Primary and Secondary Springs: Enhance throttle response and overall clutch performance.
  • Custom-Cut Mountain Helix: Provides optimal load handling and top-end speed.

Perfect Fitment for Polaris Patriot Boost Models

Engineered to fit all 2022-current Polaris Patriot Boost models, our Stage4 clutch kits are designed for seamless integration and maximum performance.

Easy Installation and Precision Tuning

Our Polaris Stage4 Clutch Kits are easy to install, allowing you to quickly enhance your sled’s performance. The adjustable weights and custom helix enable precise tuning for your specific riding style and conditions.

Proven High-Elevation Performance

Tested from 6000 feet and above, our clutch kits are built to perform in high-elevation environments, ensuring your snowmobile maintains optimal performance in challenging conditions.

Ultimate Value for High-Performance Riders

Priced competitively, the Polaris Stage4 Clutch Kit offer unmatched value for those seeking to maximize their snowmobile’s performance. Experience the thrill of super responsive throttle, strong mid-range pull, and faster top-end speeds with our highest performance clutch kit.

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