Polaris Matryx Billet Brake Reservoir Guard

Polaris Brake Reservoir Guards for Matryx

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Enhance Your Ride with the Polaris Brake Reservoir Guard

Polaris Brake Reservoir Guards, specifically designed for all 2022 and newer Polaris Matryx RMK and Khaos models. This essential upgrade offers superior protection, durability, and style. It is a must-have for any serious snowmobile enthusiast. With precision machining and high-quality materials, the Polaris Brake Reservoir Guard ensures your brake system remains intact and functional during your most demanding rides.

Key Features of the Polaris Brake Reservoir Guard

Precision Machined 6061 Aluminum

Crafted from high-grade 6061 aluminum, the Polaris Brake Reservoir Guard withstands significant impact. This ensures the guard provides robust protection for your brake reservoir.

Easy Bolt-On Installation

This guard boasts a 100% bolt-on installation process. With included stainless steel hardware, you can easily attach the guard to your snowmobile without specialized tools or modifications. This user-friendly design ensures you spend less time installing and more time riding.

Superior Strength

The brake reservoir guard is over twice as strong as the stock plastic component. Its robust construction means it endures the harshest conditions, providing reliable protection for your brake system. The added strength ensures your ride remains safe and uninterrupted.

Classic ZRP Aesthetics

Featuring the classic ZRP looks and finish, this guard adds functionality and enhances the visual appeal of your snowmobile. Its sleek design integrates seamlessly with the overall aesthetics of your Polaris Matryx, making it both a practical and stylish upgrade.

Made in the USA with a Lifetime Warranty

Proudly made in the USA, Polaris Brake Reservoir Guards comes with a ZRP lifetime warranty. This guarantee reflects the high standards and confidence in the durability and performance of this product. Knowing you have a reliable guard built to last gives you peace of mind on every ride.

Why Choose the Polaris Brake Reservoir Guard?

Unmatched Protection

Don’t let a tree branch or accidental roll-over ruin your epic day of riding. The stock plastic brake reservoir easily breaks, leaving you stranded without brakes in a dangerous situation. Polaris Brake Reservoir Guards prevents such mishaps by providing robust protection for your brake reservoir.

Innovative Design

The ZRP original “Tree Hustler” design has been a staple on ski-doo sleds. With Polaris switching to a plastic reservoir for the Matryx chassis, ZRP developed this guard to address potential issues. It is the only protector on the market that bolts directly to the handlebars, transferring energy away from the cast aluminum master cylinder, thus avoiding damage.

Complete Package

The guard includes a top cover, bottom bracket, and all required hardware. This ensures a quick and straightforward installation process. In under a minute, you can secure your brake reservoir and enhance your snowmobile’s durability. This comprehensive kit makes the upgrade process smooth and efficient.

Simple Adjustment

During installation, the reverse button may need to be slid over or moved to the other side of the brake mount. This adjustment is easy and ensures the guard fits perfectly, allowing you to customize your setup for optimal performance.

Upgrade your Polaris Matryx RMK or Khaos today with Polaris Brake Reservoir Guards and ride with confidence, knowing your brake system is protected against unexpected impacts. Order yours now and experience the difference in performance and safety.

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