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Polaris Matryx Lightweight Hoods

Polaris Matryx Lightweight Hoods

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The Polaris Matryx Lightweight Hood: Elevate Your Ride

Introducing Polaris Matryx Lightweight Hoods by T-Rex for 2022-2024 Polaris Matryx: Maximize Performance and Utility in Matte Black Excellence. This hood is designed to significantly reduce weight while improving functionality, giving you an unparalleled snowmobile experience. With its sleek matte black finish, you gain both performance benefits and aesthetic appeal.

Featherlight and Durable

TPO Plastic Construction Expertly crafted from high-quality TPO plastic, the Polaris Matryx Lightweight Hoods promise durability without compromising on weight. At just 5lbs, including both storage bags, you won’t find a more efficient way to streamline your ride.

Say Goodbye to Extra Weight Deletes Heavy Stock Headlight Designed to remove the hefty stock headlight, this lightweight hood significantly lightens your sled, resulting in a more agile and responsive ride.

Intelligent Storage Solutions

Dual Storage Bags

  • Above-Gauge Cluster Bag: Conveniently positioned for easy access to essentials while on the go.
  • Near Tuned Pipe Bag: Utilize this additional storage space for an even more versatile experience.

Optional Vent for Twin Pipes If you’re running twin pipes, opt for our specially designed vent to replace the front pipe bag, providing excellent airflow and cooling.

One-Size-Fits-All Gauge Compatibility

Aluminum Gauge Mounts & Rivets Included With included aluminum mounts and rivets, the Polaris Matryx Lightweight Hoods are compatible with both the 7s gauge and the standard gauge cluster, ensuring a seamless fit regardless of your specific setup.

Quick and Easy Installation

Uses Existing Mounting Holes Benefit from a hassle-free installation process as this hood aligns perfectly with your Polaris Matryx’s existing mounting holes. No additional drilling required!

Aesthetic Excellence

Matte Black Finish Available exclusively in a sophisticated matte black finish, this hood adds a touch of elegance to your sled’s overall appearance.

Experience the perfect blend of performance, utility, and style with the Polaris Matryx Lightweight Hoods for the 2022-2024 Polaris Matryx. Lighten your load, expand your storage, and enrich your riding—order yours today!

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