Polaris Clutch Cooling Covers for BOOST/9R BILLET

Polaris Clutch Cooling Covers for BOOST/9R BILLET

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Polaris Clutch Cooling Covers: Superior Strength and Cooling
Upgrade your Polaris BOOST/9R with the Polaris Clutch Cooling Cover. Made from 6061 T6 aluminum, it replaces the stock cast cover, offering reduced weight and enhanced air flow with propeller-style fan blades for optimal cooling. Enjoy improved performance and durability on every ride.


Introducing Polaris Clutch Cooling Covers

The Polaris Clutch Cooling Billet Covers for BOOST/9R are designed specifically for the P22 BOOST/9R models. This high-performance billet primary clutch cover is the perfect upgrade to replace the stock cast cover, which can crack. Crafted from durable 6061 T6 aluminum, this clutch cover not only offers superior strength but also significantly reduces weight compared to the factory cover. Furthermore, the unique propeller-style, cupped fan blades are engineered for maximum airflow, ensuring optimal cooling during intense rides.

Key Features of the Polaris Clutch Cooling Cover

High-Strength 6061 T6 Aluminum Construction

We use 6061 T6 aluminum for the Polaris Clutch Cooling Cover due to its excellent strength-to-weight ratio. This material choice ensures durability and long-lasting performance under extreme conditions.

Significant Weight Reduction

These covers weigh less than the factory cast cover, thereby reducing overall weight and contributing to enhanced vehicle performance and efficiency.

Enhanced Air Flow Design

The propeller-style, cupped fan blades maximize airflow, which helps cool the clutch system more effectively. As a result, this design leads to lower operating temperatures and improved clutch longevity.

Serviceable Oil-Impregnated Bushing

This clutch cover includes a serviceable oil-impregnated bushing, held in place with a snap ring. This feature ensures smooth operation and extends the life of the clutch components.

Perfect Balance of Lightweight and Strength

Combining lightweight design with robust construction, Polaris Clutch Cooling Covers offer the perfect balance of performance and durability. They improve the functionality of your snowmobile and add a touch of billet bling to your ride.


This clutch cover fits Polaris BOOST/9R models, making it a versatile upgrade for various Polaris snowmobiles.

Upgrade your Polaris snowmobile with Polaris Clutch Cooling Covers. Experience unparalleled performance, durability, and style. Order yours today and feel the difference on your next ride!

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