Boondocker Breathe Right Intakes (ULTIMATE Cold Air Intake for Polaris 9R and Matryx) 1

Boondocker Breathe Right Intakes (For Polaris 9R and Matryx)

$239.00 exc. Tax

Boost your Polaris Matryx with Boondocker Breathe Right Intakes for peak performance in deep snow. Durable, efficient, and stylish. Fit for 2022+ Mountain models.


Elevate Your Polaris with Boondocker Breathe Right Intakes


Designed for extreme conditions, these intakes ensure peak performance even in the deepest powder.

Key Features

Strategic Intake Placement: Engineered for optimal protection, the Boondocker Breathe Right Intake are strategically positioned to shield against potential damage while navigating tight off-trail routes.

Unrivaled Cold Air Delivery: These intakes deliver consistent, frigid air directly into the airbox, complementing the stock vents and ensuring your engine breathes efficiently regardless of snow depth.

Enhanced Engine Performance: By avoiding hot under-hood air, the intakes provide denser, cold air for better fuel combustion, resulting in increased power and responsiveness. Whether climbing steep slopes or cruising powder meadows, you’ll enjoy enhanced performance.

Compatible with Turbo and Naturally Aspirated Engines: Suitable for both turbocharged and naturally aspirated sleds, the Boondocker Breathe Right Intake ensure your sled breathes optimally on the toughest days.

Rugged Durability: Constructed from high-quality aircraft aluminum and patented FrogZSkin™ hydrophobic mesh, these intakes withstand extreme conditions, providing reliability and toughness.

Simple Installation: With a user-friendly design, the intakes integrate seamlessly with your factory airbox, making installation straightforward, whether in your garage or on the go.

Sleek Design: The streamlined design fits with most aftermarket hoods and handlebar bags, adding style without compromising performance.

Unlock your Polaris Matryx’s potential with Boondocker Breathe Right Intakes and conquer deep snow like never before. Designed for 2022+ Mountain Chassis Matryx Boost, Matryx 850, and Patriot 9R.

Not compatible with trail chassis.

This product is wildly popular and we are manufacturing them as fast as possible. These are currently in stock but may not last. So don’t wait order today!


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