Boost 850 Turbo Performance Flash

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Enhance your Polaris Patriot 850 Turbo with the Patriot Turbo Performance Flash. Get additional boost, better throttle response, and faster spool times. Includes adjustable Boost Response feature and access to all stage maps.


Unlock Superior Performance with the Patriot Turbo Performance Flash

The Patriot Turbo Performance Flash is the ultimate upgrade for your Polaris Patriot 850 Turbo. Our custom performance maps deliver additional boost across the entire elevation range, enhancing your ride’s power and efficiency. By adjusting fuel and ignition maps, we ensure better throttle response and faster spool times, making this the best modification you can make to your Patriot Boost.

Boost Response Feature As of 2-1-23, all Polaris Boost tunes now enable the BOOST RESPONSE feature in the 7S gauge. This innovative feature allows you to adjust how quickly the boost comes on, providing a tailored riding experience.

Comprehensive Stage Maps The purchase of our Re-flash Cable Kit and Tune grants access to all the stage maps we offer. We continually revise our maps throughout the year to provide the best performance enhancements. We strongly encourage you to purchase a re-flash cable with our performance re-flash for easy updates and modifications.

  • Stage 1: 91 Octane, +10HP over stock boost output
  • Stage 2: 93 Octane, +20HP over stock boost output
  • Stage 3: 50% 100LL, 50% 91, +30HP over stock boost output

Key Benefits

  • Enhanced Throttle Response: Optimized fuel and ignition maps for quicker response.
  • Faster Spool Times: Experience reduced lag and quicker boost build-up.
  • Adjustable Boost Response: Customize how quickly your boost comes on with the 7S gauge feature.
  • Continuous Updates: Access to all current and future stage maps with the Reflash Cable Kit.

Upgrade to the Patriot Turbo Performance Flash today and transform your Polaris Patriot 850 Turbo into a powerhouse of performance and efficiency.

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