Skidoo/Lynx Gen5 Stage 1 clutch kit.

Skidoo Stage1 Clutch Kits (Gen5)

$200.00 exc. Tax

Upgrade your Skidoo or Lynx Gen5 snowmobile with Skidoo Stage1 Clutch Kits for improved throttle response, track speed, and backshift. Fitment for 2023-current models.


Elevate Your Ride with Skidoo Stage1 Clutch Kits

Boost your Skidoo or Lynx Gen5 snowmobile’s performance with our Skidoo Stage1 Clutch Kits, the perfect upgrade for 2023-current models. These kits are designed to deliver excellent throttle response, increased track speed, and superior backshift, all while utilizing stock primary clutch components and adjusting pivot bolt weight.

Comprehensive Stage 1 Clutch Kit

Our Skidoo Stage1 Clutch Kit include:

  • Secondary Spring: Enhances overall clutch performance and responsiveness.
  • Custom Mountain Helix: Optimizes the load and speed for mountain riding.

Cost-Effective Performance Upgrade

Looking for more performance without breaking the bank? The Skidoo Stage1 Clutch Kit are your solution. This kit allows you to experience fast throttle response and more track speed, enhancing your snowmobile’s performance without needing to replace the primary clutch components.

Perfect Fitment for 2023-Current Models

Specifically designed for 2023-current Skidoo and Lynx Gen5 models, these clutch kits ensure perfect fitment and seamless integration.

Exceptional Throttle Response and Track Speed

With our Skidoo Stage1 Clutch Kit, you’ll notice a significant improvement in throttle response, track speed, and backshift. These enhancements are crucial for a more thrilling and efficient riding experience, whether you are navigating trails or tackling tough mountain terrains.

Easy Installation and Reliable Performance

Our Skidoo Stage1 Clutch Kits are straightforward to install, making it easy for you to upgrade your sled’s performance quickly. These kits have been rigorously tested to ensure they provide reliable performance in various riding conditions.

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