Lynx Turbo Exhaust Silencers ’23-’24 850 E-TEC TURBO R (SHREDDER RE/DS)

Lynx Turbo Exhaust Silencers for Shredder

$356.45$377.85 exc. Tax

Upgrade your Lynx Shredder 850 E-TEC TURBO R with our stainless steel turbo exhaust silencers. Available in Trail, Race, and Rowdy sound levels. Enhance performance, reduce weight, and choose the perfect sound for your ride.


Enhance Your Lynx Shredder with our Lynx Turbo Exhaust Silencer options

Looking to shed some weight from your new Shredder 850 E-TEC TURBO R? Our Lynx turbo exhaust silencers are expertly designed to enhance your snowmobile’s performance while reducing weight. Extensive dyno and field testing went into designing these all-stainless steel silencers for the new Lynx Radien2 chassis.

Superior Performance and Reliability with our Lynx Turbo Exhaust Silencer range

Our Lynx turbo exhaust silencers maintain stock performance and reliability at all elevations. Built with strict tolerances, each silencer undergoes flow bench testing to ensure correct back pressure. This guarantees your snowmobile retains optimal performance in all riding conditions.

Three Sound Levels in Our Lynx Turbo Exhaust Silencer Range

We offer three different sound levels for our Lynx turbo exhaust silencers. Choose the option that best suits your riding area and preferences.

  • Trail Silencer: This quiet option provides a 9.5 lbs. weight savings over the stock silencer. Ideal for riders preferring a subdued sound on trails.
  • Race Silencer: Our mid-sound level option delivers an aggressive yet balanced sound. It offers a 10.5 lbs. weight savings over the stock silencer, making it perfect for competitive riding.
  • Rowdy Silencer: For those wanting an open mod style sound, the Rowdy silencer is the loudest option and saves 11.5 lbs. over the stock silencer. Perfect for making a bold statement.

Engineered for Precision and Optimal Fit

Our silencers are designed to fit perfectly on the new Lynx Radien2 chassis. Ensure you choose the correct year when ordering, as the cans differ for each generation. This guarantees a seamless fit and flawless performance.

Lightweight and Durable Construction

Constructed entirely from stainless steel, our Lynx turbo exhaust silencers are built to last. They offer significant weight savings, translating to improved handling and performance on snow. The robust construction ensures durability in intense riding conditions.

Upgrade Your Lynx Shredder Today

Upgrade your Lynx Shredder 850 E-TEC TURBO R with our premium turbo exhaust silencers and experience the difference in weight, sound, and performance. Order now and transform your snowmobile for the ultimate riding experience.

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Race, Rowdy, Trail


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