Skidoo 850 ETEC Silencers Roxdy

Skidoo 850 ETEC Silencers

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For the 850 E-TEC in the GEN 4 chassis we offer a rowdy can (5 lbs), a race can (5.5 lbs) and a trail can (6.5 lbs).

The rowdy can is loudest of the 3 models we offer, if sound is what you are after then this is the can to have.  The popular race silencer produces an aggressive deep, crisp bark while the trail silencer has a tamer sound and is fairly quiet at the low rpm’s and then adds an awesome sound once you crack the throttle, perfect for normal trail riding.

Our silencer will accept the factory inlet tubing aluminum cover by making a notch to accept the temperature sensor bung .  We do recommend installing this cover onto our silencer, especially if you are riding in deep snow.

A great addition to your 850 E-TEC that maintains stock hp, performance and reliability. Guaranteed!


Understanding the Skidoo 850 ETEC Silencers

This product consists of three types of silencers (also known as exhaust cans) specifically designed for the SkiDoo 850 ETEC snowmobiles within the GEN 4 chassis. These silencers alter the sound and performance characteristics of the snowmobile’s exhaust system, catering to different riding preferences and conditions.

Enhance Your Ride with SkiDoo 850 ETEC Silencers

Introducing our range of Ski-Doo exhaust silencers designed for the 850 E-TEC engine in the GEN 4 chassis. These silencers provide varying levels of sound and performance to suit your riding style. Choose from the rowdy can, race can, or trail can to customize your snowmobile experience.

Rowdy Can: Maximum Sound

The rowdy can is the loudest option we offer, weighing just 5 lbs. If you crave a powerful and aggressive exhaust note, this is the can for you. It’s perfect for riders who want to make their presence known on the trails.

Race Can: Aggressive and Crisp

Our race can, weighing 5.5 lbs, delivers an aggressive, deep, and crisp bark. It’s popular among riders who want a sporty sound without being overly loud. This silencer strikes a balance between performance and noise, making it ideal for competitive riding.

Trail Can: Balanced and Tame

For those who prefer a quieter ride at low RPMs with a thrilling sound at higher RPMs, the trail can is the perfect choice. Weighing 6.5 lbs, it provides a tamer sound profile that becomes more pronounced when you open up the throttle, making it perfect for everyday trail riding.

Factory-Compatible Design

Our silencers accept the factory inlet tubing aluminum cover with a minor modification to accommodate the temperature sensor bung. We recommend installing this cover for additional protection, especially in deep snow conditions.

Maintains Stock Performance and Reliability

All our Ski-Doo exhaust silencers are engineered to maintain the stock horsepower, performance, and reliability of your 850 E-TEC engine. We guarantee you will experience the same power and dependability as the original exhaust system.

Upgrade Your Ski-Doo Today

Upgrade your Ski-Doo 850 E-TEC with our premium exhaust silencers and enjoy a customized riding experience. Order now and feel the difference on your next ride!

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Cermakrome, High Heat Black Paint


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