Ski-Doo High Flow Silicone Charge Tube

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Enhance your Ski-Doo’s turbo performance with the Ski-Doo Silicone Charge Tube, designed for high-altitude enthusiasts. This essential upgrade optimizes airflow, reduces heat buildup, and boosts turbo responsiveness.


Upgrade Your Ski-Doo’s Performance with the Ski-Doo Silicone Charge Tube

Elevate your Ski-Doo’s performance to new heights with the Ski-Doo Silicone Charge Tube. This critical upgrade is designed specifically for high-altitude riders and enthusiasts who demand maximum turbo performance. Our extensive testing highlighted significant shortcomings in the factory charge system when operating above 7000 feet elevation, particularly in managing optimal boost levels. Discover why this silicone charge tube is essential for anyone serious about power and reliability from their Ski-Doo turbocharged engine.

Key Benefits and Features:
Enhanced Airflow Dynamics

The Ski-Doo Silicone Charge Tube offers superior airflow dynamics compared to the OEM system. It ensures a steady supply of air to the turbocharger, even under high-stress conditions. This unrestricted airflow maintains consistent boost pressure and power delivery across varying altitudes.

Temperature Regulation

By reducing intake system restrictions, the charge tube effectively lowers operating temperatures. Cooler intake air enhances engine efficiency and reduces the risk of heat-related performance issues. Enjoy prolonged high-performance use without concerns about overheating.

Improved Turbocharger Response

The Ski-Doo Silicone Charge Tube optimizes turbocharger response times. Smooth and consistent airflow results in quicker turbo spooling, enhancing throttle response and acceleration when needed most.

Durability and Reliability

Crafted from high-quality silicone materials, this charge tube withstands aggressive riding and harsh mountain environments. Its robust construction ensures long-term durability, providing peace of mind that your Ski-Doo will perform reliably season after season.

Compatibility with Performance Flashes

Engineered to complement Ski-Doo performance flashes, the charge tube maximizes aftermarket tuning benefits. It facilitates better air delivery and fuel efficiency, optimizing engine output and responsiveness across all riding conditions.

Why Choose the Ski-Doo Silicone Charge Tube?

Experience unparalleled performance gains and reliability with the Ski-Doo Silicone Charge Tube. Whether tackling challenging backcountry trails or carving through fresh powder, this upgrade ensures consistent power delivery, improved engine efficiency, and enhanced durability. Don’t settle for factory limitations; unlock your Ski-Doo turbocharged sled’s full potential with this essential component.

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